Get ready.  Get set.  Get your life in order.  
Have your Best Summer Ever!

Mark your calendar

I am very excited that you are interested in joining me for this special 1-hour group coaching session.   

We will be talking via conference call from 6 pm - 7 pm EST on March 21, 2019, the day of the Spring Equinox.  

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What we'll explore:

  • how you can "plant seeds" of success for the summer of 2017,  
  • how to make this your best summer ever and 
  • how some personal "spring cleaning" (using the Clean Sweep Program as a primary tool) during the months of April and May will set you up for success for the rest of the year.

Program Materials

Most of the materials you need for the call can be found right here on this site  and are available free of charge, namely the Clean Sweep Program and an audio guide (by yours truly) on how to actually take this survey two steps further into action planning and goal setting.  

The final component of this coaching experience is the Best Summer Ever Worksheet which will be emailed to all participants after the coaching call.

Tap into a Private One-on-one Coaching Session with Boston Life Coach Scott Graham!

Show your commitment to personal growth by completing all the worksheets for the program and participating in the call and you can schedule a private coaching session with Scott Graham.  
Just send the documents, before they are due, to Scott directly or share via Evernote (you'll get his email address and Evernote account share URL when you register) and he will schedule a free 30-minute follow-up call with you in April or May!

What Clients Say About this Coaching Program

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There is no charge for this call if you are 
  1. a  former coaching client, 
  2. a current coaching client,
  3. were invited by a current or former coaching client, or 
  4. were invited directly by me.
If you are not in any one of these four categories, your fee for this group coaching session is $35.

If you are in one of the four categories, simply email with your name and who invited you.**  I will reply with call in details. 

**coaching clients:  I already know who you are -- just let me know you are participating during one of our regular sessions!

Download the Clean Sweep Program

Download the program and print out a copy so you can follow along and take notes when you listen to the audio below.
You can download the Clean Sweep Program by clicking here.

Listen to the Audio on "How to do a Coaching Program"

Fill out the Coaching Program Worksheet

Following the directions in the audio, complete your assessment, triage your answers and ID some initial, mid-term and long-term goals.  Now you are prepared to come to the call ready to share your learnings and insights and stretch your thinking.  

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